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A Simple And Free Key And Password Generator

If you need a pin (key) for your computer or you are encrypting files and you need a key or you need a password for something and you are security conscious you can have the Keymaker create a password pin or key for you.

A Simple But Powerful Hurdle To Hinder Brute Force Programs

The Keymaker tool allows you to create passwords and it stores them for you with reminders. In other words it will create a password for you and allow you to give it a description so that if you forget your password you can retrieve it. The program is a third-party stand-alone program that is not connected to an online account. There is also no association between the password you create and what you use it for which means that hacking or stealing the program is useless because it simply gives a string of encryptions. The interface has only had a few design modifications to elevate it from a basic C programmed tool but that is because the program is a utility not an expression of art.


In conclusion Keymaker is a very small program that has a lot of clever math behind its programming. It is surprisingly functional and it is a stand-alone program that doesn't attract attention from hackers or online snoops. It is a small password generator that poses no security risk unless you are silly enough to enter descriptions of what you are using the passwords for when entering your optional description into the program.


  • No security issues and is not a lure for hackers
  • There is no link between stored passwords and the accounts you use the passwords for
  • It allows you to cleverly and secretly retrieve your passwords


  • There has been little tinkering with aesthetics besides a little button shading
  • Doesn't have a current customer support option


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KeyMaker 2.0 for PC


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